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There’s no doubt about it – poison ivy is a pain to deal with. No matter what happens, you’re likely to get the oils on your skin, triggering days (or weeks if you’re unlucky) of itchy, red, blistering torture.

The sad reality is that many people aren’t 100% sure what poison ivy looks like and many don’t realize it is there until they contract the rash after doing yard work. While the most effective method for a homeowner to get rid of the plant is by pulling it out, this method is only really effective if you are able to put the time and effort into digging to ensure the roots are completely gone.

So what’s the alternative?

PennyGreen can help you to get rid of poison ivy by not only helping you with the initial plant removal but by using the herbicides necessary to ensure they don’t return. While there are some natural sprays you can use, our staff has the skill necessary to mix the commercial herbicides you need at a safe yet effective level.

Poison ivy is not uncommon in New Jersey and dealing with an infection is not a fun way to spend the fall. Let us help you by killing and properly disposing of the plant and treating your lawn to prevent a reoccurrence.

Ready to take control of your lawn and garden? Call PennyGreen today at 856-435-5799 to schedule a consultation and get rid of your poison ivy problems once and for all!

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