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South Jersey's Perfect Lawn Package

One & Only “The Package”

March through November

Want to make sure your lawn looks great from the first day of spring through the entire fall? PennyGreen is proud to offer a comprehensive package designed to keep your lawn looking great throughout your prime usage seasons.

“The Package” consists of:

  • Up to 11 personal visits (Average of 9 visits with 2 extra for prepaid customers)
  • Up to 5 fertilizing applications
  • Unlimited weed control
  • One free core aerations (when you prepay)
  • Unlimited grub control
  • Unlimited surface insect control
  • Unlimited fungus control
  • Unlimited nutgrass control

How does it work? Each visit is specifically tailored not only to the time of the year, but to the specific needs of your lawn. In general, your visits will involve the following.

  • Visit #1 – A bonus visit in December/January for prepaid customers – Lime treatment
  • Visit #2 – March – Early Spring Fertilizer
  • Visit #3 – 1 Free bonus CORE AERATION in Spring or Fall, your choice Prepay customer only

  • Visit #4 – Early April – Spot weed control
  • Visit #5 – Late April/ early May – Spot weed control, crab prevention #1 with fertilizer, spot disease control, and surface inspection control as needed
  • Visit #6 – Late May/June – Spot insect control and spot weed control as needed, post emergent crab grass with fertilizer treatment #2
  • Visit #7 – July – Spot nutgrass and spot weed control as needed, spot disease surface control as needed, surface insect control as needed
  • Visit #8 – August – Spot grub w/ Dylox, spot nutgrass control as needed, spot disease control surface as needed, surface insect control as needed, spot weed control as needed, final spot application of disease control as needed
  • Visit #9 – Late September – Early fall fertilizer, spot nutgrass and spot weed control as needed, and surface insect control as needed
  • Visit #10 – October – Final spot weed control and final grub w/ Dylox as needed
  • Visit #11 – October/November – Final late fall fertilizer (and time to renew!)

PennyGreen does offers discounts in addition to the bonus visits for customers who prepay for “The Package.” check back for deals or sign up for our free email coupons.

You can have a beautiful and well-maintained lawn without having to spend hours in the sun. Packages can include your front and side lawns or your entire property. Call PennyGreen today at 856-435-5799 or fill out our contact form. We’ll be in touch to set up an appointment for a custom quote!

Please note – Temperatures above 90 degrees can cause burns. The information given on this page is an approximation of services rendered. All services may change at any time due to weather, turf conditions, and variations in the temperature.

Landscaping Services Offered:

Snow Removal

Lawn Cutting

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